Daily Readings

Why a daily horoscope? It can offer you great benefits in terms of insight, inspiration, and healing.  How you live each day is how you life your life.

I believe that Sun sign daily horoscopes are absolutely relevant to the individual--particularly when referenced in combination with one’s Moon sign and Ascendant--and that all of the planets and celestial bodies matter, regardless to how long their transits are. I feel that it's important to pay attention to everything, the energies that run quickly through one's chart (the Moon, Mercury, Venus, etc.) as well as the planets that don't move for many years (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).

The way it works: every day, by email, you will learn the important aspects between celestial bodies and your zodiac Sun sign (I also recommend you look at the horoscopes of your Moon and Ascendant as well).  This helps you be conscious of the possible effects in you and your life, and that's half the battle won right there! If you can see and understand the underlying energies that are at play, then you can respond and act in a balanced way.  This leads to a more healthy and satisfying life!

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