The Bear Profile

Hello there! As a clairsentient and claircognizant Empath, I'm committed to living a most blessed and balanced life, while also striving to give the same positive contribution to others.

My talent for writing, gift for detecting important underlying information, and a love of Astrology, spirituality and all things esoteric has led me to become an Astrologer, Writer, and Intuitive Guide.

I have answered a genuine calling to do this, and am whole-heartedly here to be of service ‐ ready to help you care for yourself and your life, which will in turn have a positive effect on your relationships and the world at large!

Philosophy       Why Choose?       Bear Symbolism
  1. Philosophy

    I have been a follower, enthusiast, and student of Astrology for over 25 years. I have a deep relationship to and with it. And now, I am grateful to be professionally offering my services.

    Each horoscope that you get from Astrology Bear will include the interpretation of the important aspects that will affect you (this includes the planets' and other celestial objects' placements in your Sun sign chart, how they interact with the Houses and each other, etc.).

    I believe that by translating the celestial energies to you, I can help you help yourself.  I believe that we're all here to learn and evolve into our best selves. Thank you for your interest in Astrology!

  2. Value

    You'll receive the astrological insights and guidance that you love, and you also will get so much more! In addition to the Astrology, you'll get any of the following in a horoscope (depending on your specific situation/the celestial aspects highlighted):

    • Intuitive Psychic/Empathic Information
    • Clearing and Healing Energy Work Techniques; Physical and Emotional
    • Feng Shui Wisdoms
    • Goal Setting/Confidence-Building Exercises

Why Choose The Bear?

As a clairsentient and claircognizant Empath, I’m intuitively guided to what each particular zodiac Sun sign needs to hear.

As the daily zodiac wheel speaks to me, I can translate it’s language to you in a positive and grounded way—you'll love my take of melding the world of Astrology with other mystical and esoteric studies!

My dailies will help you have insight and answers into the world around you and how to best respond. Typically composed of Astrology, a pinch of spirituality and a dash of psychology, they’ll will give you support and real help in handling life in our modern world...every day!

The Symbolism of Bear

I am thankful and grateful to have the totem and spirit energy of bear come to me.

Bear medicine is the stuff of healers, and shaman, and mystics: the bear is a powerful symbol in many traditions, including Native American. There are meanings of great wisdom, death/rebirth, protection, and guidance associated with bear totem. This spirit animal can symbolize transformation and healing on all levels.

Bear medicine is introspection and transformation: going into the dream underworld and re-emerging with wisdom. As an Empath, I will follow my intuition as to what astrological aspects would most benefit you and your zodiac sun sign community that day.

Bear medicine is guiding: I realize the inherent privilege in being a part of helping you help yourself navigate through life, and feel blessed with the honor of this job.